This wiki has unlimited amounts of Rules. If you violate any rule(s), there will be 7 consequences. Also be fair, and not avoid the consequence, because if you do, YOU MUST DIE!!! (In other words, you will be banned for a period of time as the rule's consequence says. This is a video wiki, so upload videos on your userpage. The most favorited video will be shown on the Main Page.

Rules Consequences
1. Do not say any foul language. (Unless if it's censored.) You will get a warning. The second time, you get kicked out for a day, 3rd time you get kicked out for a week, last time, you get banned for good.
2. Do not insult people's religions. You will get banned automaticly
3. Do not upload any videos that don't have anything to do with Mario or Sonic. Also, do not upload videos that have harsh language. You will get a warning, next time, you will get banned.

If you think these rules are stupid, then you should see the rules on TravixMan Wiki.

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